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The Smoking Lion helps smokers enhance their experience through products they can take pride in. Our first product, the D’ash Bowl, is a functional and beautiful addition to your home.

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We believe in the power of decentralization, and first post our company updates here, then disseminate it via social media.

At The Smoking Lion, our mission is to foster a sustainable, self-reliant, and expressive lifestyle inspired by solarpunk virtues and the spirit of Burning Man.

We believe in the power of personal growth, both in cultivating your own crops and in personal development. Our products, starting with our thoughtfully designed ashtrays, are created to support this ethos.

July 2023

January 2021

August 2020

New Color Announcement: Royal Pink and Sea Blue

Hello, followers! We have some exciting news to share with you regarding The Smoking Lion debowler product line. We can’t wait to tell you all about it. But before we do, we want to emphasize our commitment to delivering the best smoking experience possible and how much pride we take in our products. In today’s market, you’ll find numerous places selling silicone debowlers and other cannabis-related items, especially with the legalization of marijuana in most states. However, what sets us apart is our customer-centric approach, passion, and dedication. We prioritize your satisfaction over mere profit-making. Now, without further delay, prepare to add a splash of color to your life with our brand new Royal Pink and Sea Blue debowlers. […]

June 2019

New Color Announcement: Unicorn Swirl – Our Unicorn is Ready to Fly!

We are excited to announce that our new Unicorn D'ash Bowl is here! You deserve to chase rainbows and to quickly de-bowl and reload without a mess! Just like our other bowls, the Unicorn can handle burning hot embers and coal, and the spike can be used to clear out stems, de-ash pipes and also holds domes. Just throw it in the dishwasher when it's dirty and it will be as good as new! This is the ultimate stoner essential. Share the magic with someone who sparkles in your world!  

Ash to D’ash [Bowls]

  I woke up to the sound of the alarm blaring loudly at 2 AM, taking a moment to realize where I was. My dog, Amie, was sleeping in my arms after several weeks apart. I had just returned from Cameroon, West Africa. I had served there for 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer and I returned to work with Cameroonian seamstresses to produce our first batch of fair trade lingerie. I had just arrived home to Dallas that night. Without putting on any clothes, I quickly jumped up to explore what sounded like crackling.  […]

December 2018

Featured in Leafly’s 2018 Holiday Guide: Gifts Under $25

The D'ash Bowl has been featured in Leafly's 2018 Holiday Guide, under the best gifts under $25! Check it out here!   The humble ashtray is one of those accessories you don’t notice until you need one, and the D’ash Bowl goes above and beyond. The D’ash features four holders for pipes, spliffs, or whatever else you’re smoking, a center spike that lets you clear a clogged bowl in record time, and silicone construction that means it can take a beating without chipping your other accessories. And for bonus points, it’s even dishwasher-safe! - Leafly Staff  

November 2017

Black Friday Sale!

This is the Smoking Lion's first holiday season, and we are are looking forward to a really Willie nice Christmas and a stoned new year! To kick off the holiday season, we are having a Black Friday Sale! Woohoo! Get your D'ash Bowl for $14.79, the lowest price it's ever been! The D'ash Bowl is the perfect stoner gift this holiday season and it's the perfect size for gift wrapping- or just slap a bow on it! The D'ash Bowl is the best cannabis ashtray and will keep you safe as well as functions as a dab pad! I actually wrote a blog post about my top 5 reasons why here! A genius product for the safety-obsessed. My D’ash Bowls are the only ashtrays or dab pads I use. -The Stoner Mom The sale will start on Friday, November 24th and will last through Cyber Monday, or [...]

Stoner Mom Essentials

A genius product for the safety-obsessed. My D’ash Bowls are the only ashtrays or dab pads I use. -The Stoner Mom We 've partnered up with Stoner Mom! Stoner Mom, also known as Kathryn, is a mother who claims she does normal mother things, but stoned. She is an advocate and educator for cannabis! Since her launch in 2014, she has helped countless adults take their first steps into their personal cannabis journey. She manages a successful Youtube channel, website and podcast in which she smokes a lot of cannabis- and uses our D'ash Bowl for many of her smoking and dab sessions! She is also part of a husband-wife team that believes in elevating the smoking experience! Kathryn has personally selected some of her favorite items for her Stoner Mom Essentials Sensi Box! Among them, she chose to feature The D'ash Bowl! [...]

September 2017

Our New Warranty Means We’ve Always Got Your Back

Our mission is to enhance your smoking experience and to provide you with the best smoking products and service. We wanted to do something to let our customers know that this pride will always have your back! This is why it just made sense to offer our amazing customers a free warranty for their D’ash Bowl ashtray! We kept things easy with a short form that requests order details, you’ve got 60 days from your purchase date to claim your warranty, and you’ve got our back up for a lifetime! We’ll replace your D’ash Bowl with one of the same or lesser value whenever it needs replacing, and just to clarify, our customer warranty is 100% free. All you would need to do is let us know, send in the defective one and we'll send a new replacement!  This is what [...]

July 2017

5 Reasons Why The D’ash Bowl Is The Best Cannabis Friendly Ashtray

When Leafly released the Best of Leafly cannabis products for April 2017, The D’ash Bowl was featured for it’s “convenient ashing without having to get off your couch!” But there’s a lot more to this little ashtray than meets the eye. I’ve been testing and researching The D’ash Bowl since the first sample became available. I have now used that sample product for more than 8 months, including an additional D’ash Bowl to almost every room in my house. I am continuously impressed by features that we hadn’t even intended to be so useful. Here are my top 5 reasons why The D’ash Bowl is the best cannabis friendly ashtray available. 1. Easy to Clean Don’t feel like busting out the alcohol and having a cleaning day? You never have to with The D’ash Bowl! Just [...]

May 2017

What Is The D’ash Bowl?

We spent the weekend creating a video to answer your questions and to demonstrate all the uses for this wonderful product! From herb to dabs, joints, pipes or bongs- this is the one ashtray you will ever need to buy. We hope you like it! We had fun taking burning ember to The D'ash Bowl too (which left no marks)!

Weedsay Wednesday Radio

We enjoyed our live interview with Belle Star this morning! She product tested The D'ash Bowl and was very impressed by our product! Listen to the recorded show here!    

April 2017

Celebrating 4/20 at 420 Social Club

The 4/20 holiday was a beautiful day in Tucson!  The Smoking Lion couldn't see celebrating any other way than at the 420 Social Club with Dave Wisniewski and the Safer Arizona family! Signatures were collected, bongs were hit, and the community rallied and celebrated together. We donated some D'ash Bowl door prizes that some lucky winners took home and we gave away around 40 homemade brownies. "Happy 420!" we said to every new friend! We enjoyed some fun times and dabbed some deliciousness with Earth's Healing, who won Best Dispensary in the Cannabis Bowl this year! Tumbleweeds Health Center's booth was out front, our favorite certification center and voted Best Certification Center in the Cannabis Bowl! Honky-Tonk and Killers provided live music, and several local comedians took the stage. The stage, by the way, was beautifully decorated with cannabis flags. Minutes before 4:20 one of the [...]

Featured as One of Leafly’s Best Cannabis Products for April 2017

Cleaning out the ash from your bowl between sessions is a necessary annoyance, but thankfully the good folks at The Smoking Lion have created a product that allows for convenient ashing without having to get off your couch! -Darren Harris, Leafly We are so excited and honored to be featured on Leafly as one of the best cannabis products for April 2017! Leafly is the world's cannabis information resource, and we have been big fans since their beginning! Check out our feature in their latest article here!

Partnering up with Safer Arizona

As soon as we established ourselves in Arizona, we started looking for partners in the cannabis community. We had moved cross-country with only what we could fit into our Rav4, leaving Texas to launch our business in a more cannabis friendly community. I quickly found the 420 Social Club, and we attended a Safer Arizona meeting to get involved! By the end of the meeting, everyone was crowded around Angel to watch him create the ad for the local 420 party right there on the spot (I’ve told you, he’s a tech wizard!). We took a few signature sheets to start collecting signatures. And if you’re not aware of the issues created by illegal cannabis, I’m going to leave John Oliver’s last week clip right here. He does a terrific job of explaining how it affects everything. It’s well worth [...]

March 2017

Our D’ash Bowls Are Here!

What an amazing ride it has been. Just six months ago, Angel and I were brainstorming in our tiny office in the upstairs of the tiny mother-in-law suite we lived in. We wanted to be part of the cannabis business community, and we wanted to help others. We had tried ashtrays on the market for herb smoking enthusiasts; Nothing out there was good enough. We kept talking about how to improve the smoking experience. Angel made sketches on napkins, which turned into designs in a program he learned overnight in his enthusiasm to share this product with the world! We had to then test the product! We 3D printed the D’ash Bowl in plastic, which gave us something to hold in our hands and further critique and customize. After lots of research and interviews, I found a manufacturer who we [...]

February 2017

We Are The Smoking Lion

Have you ever had an “Everything in my life has led me up to this point” moment? When you saw the pieces come together, and realized that you were in fact made to do just what was before you, suddenly making sense of everything you’ve done up to that point? The Smoking Lion is a collaboration, and this is our story! We are a husband and wife (and dog) team in our early 30’s, with lots of experience with running our own businesses. After college, I joined the Peace Corps and volunteered in Cameroon, West Africa for 2 years. I started and directed both a nonprofit organization and a fair trade lingerie business. Angel learned all about computers as a child, much thanks to his dad, and manages his own website design firm. Our worlds collided when we both joined [...]


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