Have you ever had an “Everything in my life has led me up to this point” moment? When you saw the pieces come together, and realized that you were in fact made to do just what was before you, suddenly making sense of everything you’ve done up to that point?

The Smoking Lion is a collaboration, and this is our story! We are a husband and wife (and dog) team in our early 30’s, with lots of experience with running our own businesses. After college, I joined the Peace Corps and volunteered in Cameroon, West Africa for 2 years. I started and directed both a nonprofit organization and a fair trade lingerie business. Angel learned all about computers as a child, much thanks to his dad, and manages his own website design firm. Our worlds collided when we both joined a major airline as flight attendants (he liked my butt). We fell in love and have created many beautiful things together over the last few years. We are thankful to enjoy traveling throughout much of the world, but we don’t enjoy altering our lifestyles under D.O.T law, strictly enforced by the airlines. Our business goals include a quest for true personal freedom, to make a decent living without modifying our herb loving lifestyle.

We are also passionate about others and the cannabis industry, so it all made sense one night, when we started a discussion about enhancing the way to smoke- and it hasn’t stopped since. That discussion has grown to become our mission, and we are so excited to show you what we’ve been working on!