Hello, followers! We have some exciting news to share with you regarding The Smoking Lion debowler product line. We can’t wait to tell you all about it. But before we do, we want to emphasize our commitment to delivering the best smoking experience possible and how much pride we take in our products. In today’s market, you’ll find numerous places selling silicone debowlers and other cannabis-related items, especially with the legalization of marijuana in most states. However, what sets us apart is our customer-centric approach, passion, and dedication. We prioritize your satisfaction over mere profit-making.

Now, without further delay, prepare to add a splash of color to your life with our brand new Royal Pink and Sea Blue debowlers.

Royal Pink and Sea Blue Additions – More Sustainable than Ever Before

Being able to sit back and enjoy your medical marijuana is always a joyous, euphoric moment, especially after a long day. But what will make that moment even brighter is by illuminating your smoking space with some color! Introducing the all new silicone debowler product launches coming in both Royal Pink and Sea Blue colors, these both are surely resistant silicone debowlers you will want to add to your collection. Not only are they conversation starters, but color has a profound way of lightening the mood in a room and giving it that beautiful, peaceful vibe. Or, if not using it for yourself, they make the perfect gift!

Are you ready to hear the zinger about these new product colors?

Aside from the gorgeous, vibrant colors and features that can transform your smoking experience into something quite amazing, we have taken even more eco-friendly steps to truly make these products have lasting impacts. In an effort to support the movement to better the environment, we have upgraded our packaging processes to become much more sustainable than they have ever been in the past. Before, we would send out our D’ash Bowl ashtrays in typical plastic boxes. However, this year we have changed that. Now we are using much lighter and thinner packaging, reducing our plastic usages by nearly half.

So, you can solidify your confidence that you are also contributing to a better cause when you order from us.

Bonus Announcement – We Are Expanding to Canada via Amazon!

How many of you guys and gals live in Canada and feel totally left out, knowing that as you scroll through the site you cannot actually order from here? We get it; there is nothing worse than seeing a silicone debowler you love and not be able to actually own it. Though this may have been something you have faced before, please take note that we completely understand your frustration, and hear you. In fact, we sympathize so much that we decided to take action to remediate this problem altogether. That’s right, The Smoking Lion has now expanded to your location via Amazon!

We are both excited and proud to serve Canadians and be a driving leader of the early pioneers of Cannabis legalization. So, if you are from Canada, no more feeling like you are locked outside of the shop anymore. You now have the ability to access our top-quality products with our debowler Amazon eCommerce, and we welcome you to become a part of The Smoking Lion community.

Conclusion – Time to Upgrade Your Smoking Game

Whether you shop on your site directly or take advantage of the debowler Amazon account, there is one thing for certain, you will not be disappointed in your final products. Royal Pink, Sea Blue, and every other color in-between, you can have the peace of mind knowing that what you receive will not only meet your expectations, but it will exceed them. Our mission is to drive innovation, cultivate positive experiences, and really make a difference in our customer’s lives as well as the world in general. Thus far, we have taken those necessary steps to fulfill our goals and look forward to continuing to do so well into the future.

In summary, The Smoking Lion is very diligent in delivering nothing but the best, and we have always lived up to that high standard we set for ourselves. As you can see, we are continuously upgrading, evolving, and growing, and we are excited to have you tag along for the ride – you too, Canada!