We are excited to merge our entrepreneurial spirits with our passion to enhance the smoking experience for others! We hope to bring innovation and convenience to our customers through our products to improve the quality of their herb experience.

One late night we started talking about what the ideal ashtray for herb smoking enthusiasts might look like.  Together we dreamed up a design that would offer smokers both the convenience of a spike in the center, for easily cleaning out ash and resin from the cached bowl. We also felt that it was very important to bring our clients peace of mind that the spike’s sharp end couldn’t impale anyone. We also noticed that most pipes don’t have flat bottoms, meaning that after a great smoke session, pipes are susceptible to spilling their precious cargo. With this in mind, we added four resting places to cradle pipes and bowls. In the same night, Angel taught himself Sketch Up and turned our vision into the design for the D’ash Bowl. After surviving a house fire several years ago, Tara insisted that the ash tray be non-flammable, one of the greatest complaints that customers made about alternative ashtrays on the market. We worked with a manufacturer we trust to produce our design in heat resistant silicone. After several prototypes, and many more late nights, the D’ash Bowl has become a reality!

Our Smoking Lion logo was inspired by Angel’s Puerto Rican family crest, and we chose the colors carefully: Warrior Red, Shield Black, and Lion Gold. We hope you like it! This is the first of many products to come!

Love and Light!
Tara & Angel 



We are a husband and wife duo with entrepreneurial backgrounds, and with a dream to enhance the herb smoking experience for others.

He maintains this lovely website you’re perusing, our social medias, and all things creative within the business.

Angel is a big-hearted tech wizard bear full of genius. Self-taught in website and graphic design, he has run his website firm for 10+ years. Passionate about science and technology, he continues to use his super power to help others. He loves to read, travel, and create! He also enjoys being active in the Reddit community.

She is the smoking lioness that handles the logistics, website content 😉 and communications for the business.

Tara graduated with a B.A. in French & Communications, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon, West Africa for two years. After completing a water well project for an orphanage, a village there honored her with the title Maveu Napteu, “Queen of Fixing Things”. She enjoys traveling, singing, volunteering, writing, and spoiling their dog, Amie.