The Smoking Lion – The Ultimate New Debowler Product Launches


Hey there followers! We have some exciting news in regards to The Smoking Lion debowler product line, and cannot wait to share them with you. But first, we wanted to remind you that we take great pride in what we deliver, and aim to provide you with the best smoking experience possible. With that [...]

The Smoking Lion – The Ultimate New Debowler Product Launches2020-08-27T20:44:16-07:00

Our Unicorn is Ready to Fly!


We are excited to announce that our new Unicorn D'ash Bowl is here! You deserve to chase rainbows and to quickly de-bowl and reload without a mess! Just like our other bowls, the Unicorn can handle burning hot embers and coal, and the spike can be used to clear out stems, de-ash pipes and also [...]

Our Unicorn is Ready to Fly!2019-06-10T21:36:47-07:00

Ash to D’ash [Bowls]


  I woke up to the sound of the alarm blaring loudly at 2 AM, taking a moment to realize where I was. My dog, Amie, was sleeping in my arms after several weeks apart. I had just returned from Cameroon, West Africa. I had served there for 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer and I [...]

Ash to D’ash [Bowls]2019-06-17T16:33:05-07:00

Featured in Leafly’s 2018 Holiday Guide: Gifts Under $25


The D'ash Bowl has been featured in Leafly's 2018 Holiday Guide, under the best gifts under $25! Check it out here!   The humble ashtray is one of those accessories you don’t notice until you need one, and the D’ash Bowl goes above and beyond. The D’ash features four holders for pipes, spliffs, or whatever [...]

Featured in Leafly’s 2018 Holiday Guide: Gifts Under $252019-06-08T20:13:22-07:00

Valentine’s Day Giveaway!


It’s February and we are sharing the love!!! Like our Instagram post and tag someone you want to smoke out with on Valentine’s Day, and both of you could win a Warrior Red D’ash Bowl! […]

Valentine’s Day Giveaway!2018-02-08T14:14:52-07:00

Black Friday Sale!


This is the Smoking Lion's first holiday season, and we are are looking forward to a really Willie nice Christmas and a stoned new year! To kick off the holiday season, we are having a Black Friday Sale! Woohoo! Get your D'ash Bowl for $14.79, the lowest price it's ever been! The D'ash Bowl is the perfect stoner gift [...]

Black Friday Sale!2017-11-18T13:31:23-07:00

Stoner Mom Essentials


A genius product for the safety-obsessed. My D’ash Bowls are the only ashtrays or dab pads I use. -The Stoner Mom We 've partnered up with Stoner Mom! Stoner Mom, also known as Kathryn, is a mother who claims she does normal mother things, but stoned. She is an advocate and educator for cannabis! Since [...]

Stoner Mom Essentials2017-11-16T20:01:50-07:00

Our New Warranty Means We’ve Always Got Your Back


Our mission is to enhance your smoking experience and to provide you with the best smoking products and service. We wanted to do something to let our customers know that this pride will always have your back! This is why it just made sense to offer our amazing customers a free warranty for their D’ash Bowl [...]

Our New Warranty Means We’ve Always Got Your Back2017-09-11T08:29:24-07:00

5 Reasons Why The D’ash Bowl Is The Best Cannabis Friendly Ashtray


When Leafly released the Best of Leafly cannabis products for April 2017, The D’ash Bowl was featured for it’s “convenient ashing without having to get off your couch!” But there’s a lot more to this little ashtray than meets the eye. I’ve been testing and researching The D’ash Bowl since the first sample became available. [...]

5 Reasons Why The D’ash Bowl Is The Best Cannabis Friendly Ashtray2017-07-12T02:01:10-07:00

What Is The D’ash Bowl?


We spent the weekend creating a video to answer your questions and to demonstrate all the uses for this wonderful product! From herb to dabs, joints, pipes or bongs- this is the one ashtray you will ever need to buy. We hope you like it! We had fun taking burning ember to The D'ash Bowl too [...]

What Is The D’ash Bowl?2017-05-12T19:29:50-07:00
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