Hey there, smoking lions and lionesses! We are excited to share some wonderful news with you! We are launching a Limited Edition Grassland Green into the D’ash Bowl line! You’re going to love this color pop!


Grassland Green celebrates the progress we’ve made as a cannabis nation. Just 10 years ago, marijuana was illegal across the United States. Today the plant is legal for medicinal purposes in 36 states and completely legal in 15. Bud growers, Budtenders, and bud lovers who have pushed the nation forward, we see you!! We appreciate you. We love you. We toke to you.

Grassroots also come to mind and the green creative space where ideas are nurtured to grow and flourish. Grassland Green is also the same color as our very first prototype version! This lush green color might bring you to the jungle, but it brings us back to the OG D’ash Bowl prototype in the first phases of launching The Smoking Lion (see our story here). We are reminded of why we decided to bring this unique idea to life-to enhance the cannabis smoking experience, for ourselves and for others! All these years later, today we are still driven by that same passion for creating products that you can take pride in and that will elevate your smoking experience to another level.


Aside from the gorgeous, vibrant colors and features that can transform your smoking experience, we have taken even more eco-friendly steps to truly make these products have lasting impacts. Joining the movement to better the environment in this way, we have upgraded our packaging processes to become more sustainable than ever before. Before, we would send out our products in typical plastic boxes. Now we are using much lighter and thinner packaging, reducing our plastic usages by nearly half.

Our vibrant, popping Grassland Green D’ash Bowl will soon be available at our Amazon shop!