As soon as we established ourselves in Arizona, we started looking for partners in the cannabis community. We had moved cross-country with only what we could fit into our Rav4, leaving Texas to launch our business in a more cannabis friendly community. I quickly found the 420 Social Club, and we attended a Safer Arizona meeting to get involved! By the end of the meeting, everyone was crowded around Angel to watch him create the ad for the local 420 party right there on the spot (I’ve told you, he’s a tech wizard!). We took a few signature sheets to start collecting signatures.

And if you’re not aware of the issues created by illegal cannabis, I’m going to leave John Oliver’s last week clip right here. He does a terrific job of explaining how it affects everything. It’s well worth 16:51 minutes of your time.

Safer Arizona 2018 is a grassroots organization that has filed an initiative to bring total cannabis legalization to adults 21 and over in Arizona. The group has over 300 volunteers ready to accept petitions and the resources to print about 60,000 signatures of the 150,000 signatures they need by July to get on the 2018 election ballot.

Here’s what the Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Act will do:

  • Repeal cannabis prohibition, entirely removing all criminal penalties.
  • Legalizes the possession, use, consumption, and transportation for cannabis for adults 21 and older.
  • Replaces all remaining cannabis offense violations with fines.
  • Allows 48 plants of home cultivation before being required to obtain a Transaction Privilege Tax License and being subject to agricultural regulations.
  • Creates a free market system in which licensed businesses will resell cannabis and cannabis products.
  • Establishes a sales tax on retail cannabis sales, from which the revenue will be allocated to education.
  • Places cannabis under the Department of Agriculture.
  • Prevents the state from re implementing cannabis prohibition and conspiring with other governments to enforce cannabis prohibition laws.
  • Provides post conviction relief for prior cannabis offense violations.
  • Provides protection for firearm owners.
  • Provides protection for parental custody rights.

You can read the full proposed text of the Safer Cannabis Legalization Act here.

So you want to do something? Here are a few things!

  • Sign the Cannabis Legalization Act 2018! Find out where the nearest group is meeting up on the Safer Arizona map, and then go join them! Help us collect signatures! Or maybe there’s another initiative in your state that needs your help!
  • LIKE our page to stay current with cannabis news, stay aware and educate yourself on cannabis.
  • If you’re in Tucson, please attend our 420 Canna-Bash at 420 Social Club! This event is presented by Veteran’s United for Cannabis. We will have a signature drive and enjoy an array of live entertainment from 3pm to 10pm! Get your tickets here!