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June 2019

Our Unicorn is Ready to Fly!


We are excited to announce that our new Unicorn D'ash Bowl is here! You deserve to chase rainbows and to quickly de-bowl and reload without a mess! Just like our other bowls, the Unicorn can handle burning hot embers and coal, and the spike can be used to clear out stems, de-ash pipes and also [...]

Our Unicorn is Ready to Fly!2019-06-10T21:36:47-07:00

Ash to D’ash [Bowls]


  I woke up to the sound of the alarm blaring loudly at 2 AM, taking a moment to realize where I was. My dog, Amie, was sleeping in my arms after several weeks apart. I had just returned from Cameroon, West Africa. I had served there for 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer and I [...]

Ash to D’ash [Bowls]2019-06-17T16:33:05-07:00
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