July 2023

Exciting Updates and Changes to Our Website


Get ready for some exciting updates to our website! Enjoy sharper SVG images, detailed product descriptions, updated inventory, and a new payment processor – Venmo. Keep reading for more details! […]

Exciting Updates and Changes to Our Website2023-10-15T11:14:13-07:00

August 2020

New Color Announcement: Royal Pink and Sea Blue


Hello, followers! We have some exciting news to share with you regarding The Smoking Lion debowler product line. We can’t wait to tell you all about it. But before we do, we want to emphasize our commitment to delivering the best smoking experience possible and how much pride we take [...]

New Color Announcement: Royal Pink and Sea Blue2023-10-15T11:14:15-07:00

November 2017

Black Friday Sale!


This is the Smoking Lion's first holiday season, and we are are looking forward to a really Willie nice Christmas and a stoned new year! To kick off the holiday season, we are having a Black Friday Sale! Woohoo! Get your D'ash Bowl for $14.79, the lowest price it's ever been! The D'ash Bowl is the perfect stoner gift [...]

Black Friday Sale!2023-10-15T11:14:20-07:00

Stoner Mom Essentials


A genius product for the safety-obsessed. My D’ash Bowls are the only ashtrays or dab pads I use. -The Stoner Mom We 've partnered up with Stoner Mom! Stoner Mom, also known as Kathryn, is a mother who claims she does normal mother things, but stoned. She is an advocate and educator for cannabis! Since [...]

Stoner Mom Essentials2023-10-15T11:14:21-07:00

September 2017

Our New Warranty Means We’ve Always Got Your Back


Our mission is to enhance your smoking experience and to provide you with the best smoking products and service. We wanted to do something to let our customers know that this pride will always have your back! This is why it just made sense to offer our amazing customers a free warranty for their D’ash Bowl [...]

Our New Warranty Means We’ve Always Got Your Back2023-11-07T08:15:05-07:00

May 2017

What Is The D’ash Bowl?


We spent the weekend creating a video to answer your questions and to demonstrate all the uses for this wonderful product! From herb to dabs, joints, pipes or bongs- this is the one ashtray you will ever need to buy. We hope you like it! We had fun taking burning ember to The D'ash Bowl too [...]

What Is The D’ash Bowl?2023-10-15T11:14:21-07:00

Weedsay Wednesday Radio


We enjoyed our live interview with Belle Star this morning! She product tested The D'ash Bowl and was very impressed by our product! Listen to the recorded show here!    

Weedsay Wednesday Radio2023-10-15T11:14:22-07:00

April 2017

Celebrating 4/20 at 420 Social Club


The 4/20 holiday was a beautiful day in Tucson!  The Smoking Lion couldn't see celebrating any other way than at the 420 Social Club with Dave Wisniewski and the Safer Arizona family! Signatures were collected, bongs were hit, and the community rallied and celebrated together. We donated some D'ash Bowl door prizes that some lucky winners took home [...]

Celebrating 4/20 at 420 Social Club2023-10-15T11:14:22-07:00

Featured as One of Leafly’s Best Cannabis Products for April 2017


Cleaning out the ash from your bowl between sessions is a necessary annoyance, but thankfully the good folks at The Smoking Lion have created a product that allows for convenient ashing without having to get off your couch! -Darren Harris, Leafly We are so excited and honored to be featured on Leafly as one of [...]

Featured as One of Leafly’s Best Cannabis Products for April 20172023-12-11T10:43:39-07:00

Partnering up with Safer Arizona


As soon as we established ourselves in Arizona, we started looking for partners in the cannabis community. We had moved cross-country with only what we could fit into our Rav4, leaving Texas to launch our business in a more cannabis friendly community. I quickly found the 420 Social Club, and we attended a Safer Arizona [...]

Partnering up with Safer Arizona2023-10-15T11:14:23-07:00


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