The 4/20 holiday was a beautiful day in Tucson!  The Smoking Lion couldn’t see celebrating any other way than at the 420 Social Club with Dave Wisniewski and the Safer Arizona family! Signatures were collected, bongs were hit, and the community rallied and celebrated together. We donated some D’ash Bowl door prizes that some lucky winners took home and we gave away around 40 homemade brownies. “Happy 420!” we said to every new friend! We enjoyed some fun times and dabbed some deliciousness with Earth’s Healing, who won Best Dispensary in the Cannabis Bowl this year! Tumbleweeds Health Center‘s booth was out front, our favorite certification center and voted Best Certification Center in the Cannabis Bowl! Honky-Tonk and Killers provided live music, and several local comedians took the stage. The stage, by the way, was beautifully decorated with cannabis flags. Minutes before 4:20 one of the club’s long-time volunteers Pedro ran around the club reminding everyone, “5 MINUTES UNTIL 420!!!” And there we were, at 4:20 on 4/20 at the 420 Social Club, in one big, happy cloud.