August 2020

The Smoking Lion – The Ultimate New Debowler Product Launches


Hey there followers! We have some exciting news in regards to The Smoking Lion debowler product line, and cannot wait to share them with you. But first, we wanted to remind you that we take great pride in what we deliver, and aim to provide you with the best smoking experience possible. With that [...]

The Smoking Lion – The Ultimate New Debowler Product Launches2020-08-27T20:44:16-07:00

June 2019

Ash to D’ash [Bowls]


  I woke up to the sound of the alarm blaring loudly at 2 AM, taking a moment to realize where I was. My dog, Amie, was sleeping in my arms after several weeks apart. I had just returned from Cameroon, West Africa. I had served there for 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer and I [...]

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December 2018

Featured in Leafly’s 2018 Holiday Guide: Gifts Under $25


The D'ash Bowl has been featured in Leafly's 2018 Holiday Guide, under the best gifts under $25! Check it out here!   The humble ashtray is one of those accessories you don’t notice until you need one, and the D’ash Bowl goes above and beyond. The D’ash features four holders for pipes, spliffs, or whatever [...]

Featured in Leafly’s 2018 Holiday Guide: Gifts Under $252019-06-08T20:13:22-07:00

April 2017

Partnering up with Safer Arizona


As soon as we established ourselves in Arizona, we started looking for partners in the cannabis community. We had moved cross-country with only what we could fit into our Rav4, leaving Texas to launch our business in a more cannabis friendly community. I quickly found the 420 Social Club, and we attended a Safer Arizona [...]

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