When Leafly released the Best of Leafly cannabis products for April 2017, The D’ash Bowl was featured for it’s “convenient ashing without having to get off your couch!” But there’s a lot more to this little ashtray than meets the eye. I’ve been testing and researching The D’ash Bowl since the first sample became available. I have now used that sample product for more than 8 months, including an additional D’ash Bowl to almost every room in my house. I am continuously impressed by features that we hadn’t even intended to be so useful. Here are my top 5 reasons why The D’ash Bowl is the best cannabis friendly ashtray available.

1. Easy to Clean

Don’t feel like busting out the alcohol and having a cleaning day? You never have to with The D’ash Bowl! Just toss it in the dishwasher! Made of food grade, FDA silicone, the ashtray is dishwasher friendly. Warm water and soap work too!

moving image of a d'ash bowl being dropped and hit with no damage done to the ash tray

2. Unbreakable

No fear of breaking or puncturing anyone! The flexibility of The D’ash Bowl is incredible. I’ve dropped one from from a 3 story building, and not even a scratch was inflicted on the product. The best cannabis friendly ashtray should not be a danger to those who use it! While The D’ash Bowl has a debowler spike in the center, the material is safe and flexible.

3. Easily Hidden

The size of The D’ash Bowl makes it perfect for discreetly hiding away. It stashes away perfectly in small drawers that are in most bathroom and kitchens. The square dimensions also make it a great, portable gift too.

4. A Great Design

The D’ash Bowl is the best cannabis friendly ashtray out there, and one of the reasons is for it’s aesthetically pleasing, modern and symmetrical design. I have been impressed by how many customers place it out on their coffee or end table, like a piece of art, because  they really enjoy the way it looks. One of my favorite things about this product is it’s ability to rest solidly on my fluffy bed while I’m lounging around it with my favorite people.  

5. Multi-Purpose

This ashtray is the best cannabis friendly ashtray because it serves every kind of cannabis enthusiast. Cannabis smokers enjoy resting joints in the contoured grooves. Bong smokers use The D’ash Bowl to clear out pipe stems of resin and ash. Some dabbers like to set up dab rig tools on it. Hookah lovers can even place burning coal into The D’ash Bowl with no worry. See a short demo video showing this here.

We Hope You Agree, The D’ash Bowl is The Best Cannabis Friendly Ashtray

I’m very happy that The D’ash Bowl has made it into my life and into the market for others to enjoy. 30% of fires are started by smokers, so I feel that having the best cannabis friendly ashtray should be the top priority for every cannabis user. Learn more about my personal experience surviving a house fire, and how that inspired the making of The D’ash Bowl here.