What Is The D’ash Bowl?

//What Is The D’ash Bowl?

What Is The D’ash Bowl?

We spent the weekend creating a video to answer your questions and to demonstrate all the uses for this wonderful product! From herb to dabs, joints, pipes or bongs- this is the one ashtray you will ever need to buy. We hope you like it! We had fun taking burning ember to The D’ash Bowl too (which left no marks)!


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  1. […] This ashtray is the best cannabis friendly ashtray because it serves every kind of cannabis enthusiast. Cannabis smokers enjoy resting joints in the contoured grooves. Bong smokers use The D’ash Bowl to clear out pipe stems of resin and ash. Some dabbers like to set up dab rig tools on it. Hookah lovers can even place burning coal into The D’ash Bowl with no worry. See a short demo video showing this here. […]

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