What an amazing ride it has been. Just six months ago, Angel and I were brainstorming in our tiny office in the upstairs of the tiny mother-in-law suite we lived in. We wanted to be part of the cannabis business community, and we wanted to help others. We had tried ashtrays on the market for herb smoking enthusiasts; Nothing out there was good enough. We kept talking about how to improve the smoking experience. Angel made sketches on napkins, which turned into designs in a program he learned overnight in his enthusiasm to share this product with the world! We had to then test the product! We 3D printed the D’ash Bowl in plastic, which gave us something to hold in our hands and further critique and customize. After lots of research and interviews, I found a manufacturer who we could trust to bring our design to life. Finally, and suddenly, our D’ash Bowls are here!

We are so committed to our business that we moved across the country with everything we own condensed to our Rav 4. We left Texas for Tucson, Arizona, where we quickly set up our warehouse, and where we are looking forward to connecting with dispensaries and head shops in the area.

The Smoking Lion logo was inspired by Angel’s family crest, but I think it also captures the spirit of our determination, pride, strength of purpose, and loyalty. The lion is the animal of the sun, and makes an impression. Our mission is to enhance your smoking experience, and in the process to find financial freedom through doing what we love together.

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